Commercial Cargo Clearance

All commercial cargo imports and exports should be officially declared to customs.The great numbers of international trade and commercial transactions taking place across the globe between most countries of the world has concretised the author/poet John Donne’s famous words “No man is an Island”.
Calthol Clearing staff are highly experienced on customs matters,legislation and tariff headings and our EDI customs system allows for fast electronic declarations for all our valued local and international business clients.

Common Documentation Required
Bill of lading/Air Waybill
Commercial Invoice(s)
Packing List(s)
Importer’s/Exporter’s Licence

Personal Effects and Household Goods

We at Calthol Clearing do assist immigrants in customs clearing of their personal and household goods for their use during their stay in South Africa. We also assist South African returning residents to clear their household and personal effects through customs.

Ultimately, we provide assistance with goods imported by immigrants, tourists, returning residents and other passengers for their personal use, including those imported by non-residents of the Republic for their use during their stay in the Republic, and goods imported as accompanied passengers' baggage either by residents or non-residents of the Republic and cleared at a place where such persons disembark or enter the Republic.

DA 304 - Household effects on permanent change of residence - Download

P.1.160 - Download

Car Clearance

With the demand for import cars in Southern African Countries inside and outside the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) and the need for clearance of such vehicles with customs or relevant revenue authorities and the need for transportation of such vehicles from South African ports to different parts regionally and locally led to providing a specialized vehicle clearing and forwarding service.

Botswana,Lesotho,Namibia and Swaziland(BLNS)
Vehicles in transit to these countries are removed in bond and can only be taken to a customs warehouse.
Car carriers that move these vehicles must be licensed as a remover of goods in bond.
Duties and Vat vary in each of the BLNS countries.
An import permit must however be available for the vehicle to be imported into South Africa and Swaziland.
Importation of used/secondhand vehicles is generally prohibited in South Africa.They are however cases that are exempted from this law. These are:
• Returning Residents that have owned the vehicle for more than 6 months where duties are on a pro-rata basis and full rebate of duties given to those that have owned their vehicle for 12 months considering that they meet the stipulated criteria.
• Permanent immigrants;that have gained permanent residence in South Africa.
• Temporary immigrants;that are in south africa on a temporary permit and will temporarily import their vehicle for the duration of their stay and lodge a refundable deposit.
• Diplomats;With the discretion of the Department of International Relations
• Collectors/Vintage Cars – On approval by ITAC
• Handicapped/Disabled – Provided it is specially adapted.
• Carnet de Passage holders – On temporary basis

Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and all other SADC countries
Vehicle moved in transit to these countries are moved by a licensed car carrier to a land border-post or sea-port.
Vehicles imported into Mozambique must go through a pre-shipment inspection done by Intertek International Ltd.


1. In-Transit
Original Bill of Lading
Copy of Registration Certificate
Copy of Commercial Invoice
Copy of Consignee's passport/ID

2. Vehicle Imports into South Africa
Import Permit from ITAC (
Original Letter of Authority from SABS (
Original Passport/ Originally certified Copies of Every page(Duty Rebate Qualifiers)
Original Bill of Lading
Copy of Registration certificate
Copy of Commercial Invoice

5701_DA304A - Download

P.1.160 - Download



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